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Hailey is Currently not accepting new clients for skincare at this time. If you would like to be placed on her waitlist, please email us at blendidskincare@gmail.com



- Delaney M.

I am convinced that Hailey is my real life skin fairy god mother. Every new session with her I return with progress and positive feedback!  She is the only person I fully trust with my skin. I'm on track to my best skin ever thanks to her. She is extremely professional and sociable so that I feel 100% comfortable and confident in her adorable space! We finally made it to our 1st microneedling session and I am over the moon happy!

- Anna J.

I've been seeing Hailey for about a year now and during that time, she's completely changed my skin. I was struggling with acne in my 30's and was at my wits end when I found Hailey on Instagram. Within six months, Hailey had my skin clear and beautiful again -- no joke! Best decision I have ever made. If you are struggling with acne, Hailey is absolutely the person to see.

- Shannon C.

Hailey is simply the best. Not only is she so well educated in her craft and skills she is simply a wonderful human. I started a series of treatments today that I had put off for years because I did not think it would work, but I trust Hailey so I decided to go for it. When she was able to show me almost instantly that it was working I did not expect myself to become emotional but I did. She did not make me feel awkward at all for it but rather was reasuuring and comforting. As women we are so hard on ourselves for our appearances and insecurities, but Hailey knows how to boost your confidence and help you through your skincare journey.

-Cassey R

Brooke gives such a great facial she has been my esthetician for a few months now and I love how much she cares about helping me get my skin clear! The studio is so cute I can’t wait to go back!


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